Improve the Surface of the Bridleway

The Parish Council is moving forward with its plans to improve the surface of the bridleway and has successfully entered into an agreement with Access Lincoln who have offered to match fund the funds already raised by the Parish Council through it's own careful budgeting and through s106 planning gains for a development currently in progress on Thorpe Lane, South Hykeham. The opening up of this longer route into North Hykeham will allow residents of South Hykeham easier and more sustainable access to North Hykeham, which provides many of the services required by residents. At present the two are only connected by roads, many of which do not have pavements, making a car the only really safe means to travel between the two. North Hykeham has undergone much development which means it has a wide range of services on offer and improvements to the bridleway will provide a sustainable, safe and pleasant connection between the two settlements which can easily be traversed by foot, cycle or on horseback and will provide safer access to the school at South Hykeham and a wider range of local services and amenities in neighbouring North Hykeham. It will also enhance the businesses in North Hykeham who will have better access to South Hykeham. There will also be reciprocal benefits for those in North Hykeham having easier and safer access to the countryside around them, thereby driving people towards South Hykeham also. Businesses in South Hykeham that could benefit include Pennells Garden Centre, Jet and the Gamekeeper. Further information on this initiative will be reported in due course.